Soy candles against mosquitoes and other insects - enjoy the summer without uninvited guests

Warm days in your beautiful garden, romantic evenings on the terrace, barbecue together with the family. In spring and summer we could spend the whole day outdoors. However, this blissful idyll can be disturbed by uninvited guests... We will help you not to let that happen! All you need to do is to have our candles against mosquitoes and other insects at the ready! 

Scented candles against mosquitoes - natural insect repellent


Citrepel has one key task - to effectively repel insects, insects and the most troublesome among them - mosquitoes. Our and our customers' experience shows that it performs this task perfectly! Natural essential oils are already great at repelling insects on their own. But when we encapsulated them in a jar with this masterful anti-mosquito ingredient, their barrier against insects became insurmountable!

Enjoy the pleasant aroma of soy wax scented candles in the comfort of your home and in the garden among flowers, trees and flowering shrubs. Read a book without the annoying "bzzz" that has always disturbed your peace. Play with your children on the grass without worrying about bites. Invite friends over, fire up the barbecue and sit together until late, simply enjoying each other's company, tasty food and warm summer evenings.


Świece na komary

Highly effective insect repellent - which one to choose?

In our offer you will find soy candles with a capacity of 120ml and 180ml, which provide long-lasting fragrance and protection. Our anti-mosquito candles are available in 3 captivating (not only mosquitoes:)) scents:

  • Citronella and Lemongrass - with this scent you will bring an oriental note to your environment. If you long for a vacation in Asia or just want to feel the citrus refreshment, choose these anti-mosquito candles.
  • Lavender and Patchouli - this is a truly unique fragrance note, warm and fresh, perfect for evening gatherings in the garden.
  • Geranium and Mint - the sweetest of our anti-insect solutions. This is an atmospheric fragrance, perfect for a balcony or terrace.

You can choose what's in your soul and enjoy the intense aroma of your favorite fruits and flowers. The beautiful and long-lasting fragrance of each of our soy anti-mosquito candles will make you free from intrusive mosquitoes, flies, ants and other disliked inhabitants of places where we love to spend time in spring and summer.

Garden and home anti-mosquito candles from Jakulo 

Why choose our soy candles to effectively repel mosquitoes and other insects? Learn the most important reasons:

  • you will feel safe both in the garden and at home with open windows and doors, without mosquito nets that often interfere with the view from the windows,
  • you will indulge in carefree relaxation, yoga on the grass, meditation on a deck chair and simply enjoy positive energy without any worries,
  • you will create a unique atmosphere not only by the maddening scents and warm light of a gentle fire, but also by the decorative nature of our soy anti-mosquito and insect candles,
    anti-mosquito candles will work well in any environment - you can take them to the lake or river, on a camping trip, a trip out of town, anywhere you want to feel safe and enjoy the aroma of unique fragrance notes.

Now you know how and where you can use anti-smoke candles. Place an order in our online store and enjoy the joy and safety with the glow of soy candles from Jakulo!

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