Scented wax for the fireplace - feel the aroma slowly released

An atmosphere of cosiness, scents that evoke memories and a perfect feeling of well-being. All this is guaranteed by our high performance waxes in a wide range of aromas. If you want to wrap your entire home in fragrance and bring a unique atmosphere to all its rooms - choose scented waxes from Jakulo!

What is a fragrance wax and how do you use it? These are small cubes of scented soy wax that we use in our candles, but without the decorative glass packaging and wick. The cubes are placed in special ceramic vessels called fireplaces and heated with small candles - the popular tealights.

The wax heated in this way melts under the effect of the heat and slowly releases its aroma, spreading it around the room. The advantage of scented fireplace waxes is that they are more efficient and you can control the strength of the fragrance by dosing the amount of wax added to the fireplace.

If you want a very delicate fragrance and you know that you will spend a shorter time in the room - put one or two wax cubes in the aroma fireplace. On the other hand, if you are planning a long aromatic evening - place more cubes in the vessel and enjoy your favourite fragrance for as long as you want.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it? :)


Woski zapachowe do kominka

Scented waxes as an alternative to soy candles

This is an excellent alternative to scented candles and diffusers with essential oils. Scented wax releases the aroma slowly and, as described above, you can dose the intensity. All you need is a regular tealight and a ceramic fireplace, thanks to which you can spread a unique aroma composition in your home.

The advantage of scented waxes is also that you have the chance to mix different scents, like an accomplished perfumer. With soy scented candles, although they are one of the most convenient forms of spreading fragrance in the home, unfortunately you do not have this opportunity. So choosing waxes is also great fun, get the kids involved and together create your own fragrance compositions to delight you!

Scented waxes for the fireplace are also a relatively cheaper alternative to traditional candles - you can reach for them whenever you feel like it. They are really intense and will last you many hours of relaxation and unwinding in your home.


Fireplace wax from Jakulo - which fragrance will you choose?

We offer products with different fragrance notes. From Lavender and Chamomile, to Orange and Cranberry, to Cologne and Sage, which is conquering the charts of the biggest aromatherapy fans. You have the chance to choose fragrances that will strike a chord in your heart, but also in the taste of everyone in the house.

A unique scent in your home will delight your friends who drop by for coffee, your family who come over for Sunday lunch and your neighbours who rush in for salt or milk. They won't find such original fragrances anywhere else - be prepared to be asked a lot of questions about how you conjure up that wonderful atmosphere in your home!

So ditch the paraffin candles and switch to a new quality of fragrance oils, enchanted in lovely wax cubes. You can be sure that you will receive a product which is completely safe and one which meets your expectations. Remember- at Jakulo we only use natural carefully selected and organic ingredients, and soy waxes are our pride.

You can check out the many fragrances, compose their notes as you like and choose aromas that evoke your most beautiful memories. Our products will be the perfect choice for any room in your home where you want to spread the unique atmosphere and unforgettable aromas of fireplace waxes.

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